Eric Sternberg        NMLS #13295
Mortgage Loan Officer
2806 S 143rd Plaza, Omaha, NE | 68144

Email Eric Sternberg
[desk] 402.935.5005
[cell] 402.990.5600

In a favorable transition, Eric Sternberg is excited to work with the mortgage products offered by the Bank of Nebraska. Eric’s positive attitude and tireless work ethic has won him favor with many Omaha realtors. Paired with Bank of Nebraska’s excellent industry reputation, Sternberg will look to make large moves toward greater market share in 2014.

The Bank of Nebraska Mortgage Center is excited to add Eric Sternberg as an influential member to their growing team of key players in the Greater Omaha mortgage lending community.
At the Bank of Nebraska we offer a number of loan types to fit each and every customer’s current financial position.

With a dedicated mortgage staff, your loan is originated, processed and underwritten all in one safe, secure and central location.

We offer both fixed and adjustable rate mortgage products as well as jumbo loan products.

A fixed rate mortgage is ideal for a homeowner who plans to stay in their home for a while and/or is looking for the security of an interest rate that will not change over the life of the loan.

An adjustable rate mortgage gives a consumer the flexibility to take advantage of a fluctuation in interest rates starting off with a lower interest rate.

Jumbo Mortgages are designed for homeowners who need a loan amount above the county designated conforming loan limits.

We currently offer the following Loan Products:

Conventional/ Conventional Jumbo

Conventional 97%

VA \ VA Jumbo




We have skilled loan officers to answer all of your questions regarding any of these products. For more information reach out Mortgage Center at 402.935.5000. All loans are subject to final underwriting approval.